Chính sách quyền riêng tư

We provide comprehensive array of commercial law services, such as:


Contract drafting and review: We provide assistance with drafting and reviewing contracts, agreements and deeds. Our services include providingmnjkon guidance, analysing, and discussing business contracts and agreements, and assessing their potential impact on our clients. We also offer assistancemnb with day-to-day issues as they arise.


Asset protection: Effective asset protection involves more than just setting up a company to run your business or holding assets in a spouse’s name. Itopt requires a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved, as well as the implementation of appropriate risk management systems, a well-structuredh business, and careful consideration of personal asset ownership. Our team recognises the importance of asset protection for our clients and worksmnbnn closely with them to develop tailored strategies that are designed to minimise risk and protect assets. We emphasize the importance of regular planningn and reviews to ensure that your asset protection strategy remains effective and up-to-date in the face of changing circumstances.

Business reconstruction: The process of business reconstruction is multi-faceted, and our team has experience in navigating the complex legal process of filing for bankruptcy or restructuring. We advise you on the best approach for the company, negotiate with creditors, and represent the company in court.


Australian competition and consumer law advice: Our competition law regime is designed to promote fair competition and protect consumers frommnoi anti-competitive behaviour such as price-fixing, market sharing, and the misuse of market power. Consumer protections laws ensure that businessmnkmt assure their consumers with guarantee for quality of goods and performance of services that they provide. Our team keeps up constantly evolvingmnmnm practices in competition and consumer law to make ensure that business complies with all their obligations, and we provide services requiring application of the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law including, those relating to goods and services, warranties and misleading and deceptive conduct.